Service will be closed on 5th of January 2015. Please ensure you backup all the needed data in advance. Individual server solutions will be offered in the future; you can get more details on

Transform your cellphone into a secret agent's gadget!

Full control of your mobile device location and much more!

• Protect your data
• Track a cell phone
• Access your device remotely
• Record audio, video and take photos
• See the call history and SMS information
• Get reliable protection in case of phone loss
• ... and explore other useful features!

Having your phone stolen or lost? It's not just the handset you lose, it's the numbers, messages and photos too. Knowing how to protect your mobile and keep it safe will save you a lot of inconvenience and stress. We are experts in solving these issues!
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1. Install application
2. Register an account from application on your phone
3. Login with account you registered on step 2

All these features in a single application
That's the CellAgent, folks

With our application you will always be able to control your phone. If it’s lost, you can find where it is, and you won’t need to wait for someone else doing it, you can do it yourself! Try our service for three free days and check out how useful is it to have it on your precious phone!
Browse information about all the calls that were made while using your Android, read SMS texts, record an audio or a video if you need. You can do it all remotely, not depending on phone’s location or service provider. And no limitations or additional settings are required! Buy an Extended subscription!
Sometimes leaving your phone for some time somewhere can lead to a plenty of unpleasant surprises. It’s often that there’s a lot of personal data is in phone, data the outsiders have absolutely no need to get access to! Photos, messages, everything could be lost forever together with your phone! If it happens – don’t be upset, just remember that there’s a solution even to this problem if you are using CellAgent – you can lock your phone’s screen remotely, no one would be able to use it without you knowing it. Also there’s an option to delete all the personal data on the device if you happen to lose it. Your privacy is in our hands!
Corporate offers

We offer corporate service solutions for organizations and businesses.

The server software is located on your premises, under your DNS or IP. APK file is created individually for your server. You can get locations and all other services, such as photo and audio monitoring, of all your devices, registered on the server.

Server hardware requirements (example):

DELL Server PowerEdge T310
Xeon X3430 2.4GHz/8MB
2x2GB Single Rank LV UDIMMs 1333MHz
2x1TB SATA 7.2k 3.5" HD HP
Redundant PSU 400W
Permanent access to the Internet 100 m / bit.
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