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CellAgent: security application for your smartphone to track your phone!
The best Android apps are the ones that help you quickly and easily find the information you want, and which do not charge a lot of money for the service. Quality software for Android, both paid and free, is the primary concern of smartphone owners, rather than casually made apps and security services. If you’ve ever lost your phone or had it stolen, then you’ll know that it's not just the handset you lose – it's your numbers, messages and photos too. Knowing how to protect your mobile data and keep it safe will save you a lot of unnecessary stress and inconvenience. CellAgent is one of those pieces of quality software, and has been developed to make it easy for you to monitor your device.
Now, find your phone is much easier
With CellAgent, there’s no need to panic and rewrite all of your contact info, user names and passwords, and neither do you have to worry about losing your SMS messages forever. And how can we help you? Through our simple, cheap and easy to use Android app. Once installed on your device, a set of commands and manipulations for your Android phone will be made available to you via the CellAgent website, which you can access from any computer, tablet or device that has access to the internet, whether GPRS, 3G, UMTS or Wi-Fi.
Phone on map: smartphone location directly on our service site!
The software will determine the location of your missing phone, as long as the CellAgent app is installed on it, and you will then be able to control your Android device remotely. You can even track phone movement on a map!
Your new anti-theft system can also be hidden from the list of apps installed on your phone. Without knowing that it’s even there, any would-be thieves can be tracked down and apprehended by the police.
Read SMS
CellAgent allows you to not only track the location of a mobile phone, but also view its list of recent calls and SMS messages, showing you the number of the sender as well as date and time information. This is an amazing function for security-conscious Android fans, and even has some handy real-world applications. Have you ever been sitting comfortably in a chair, working or relaxing with your tablet, and then suddenly heard your phone receive a text in the other room? Well, there’s no need to jump out of that comfy chair... Read your messages remotely. Still think that the best software for Android hasn’t been invented yet? Then read on.
How to get back your phone? Why not to ask?
CellAgent can send custom text notifications to your missing device that will display in a pop-up window with accompanying sounds. You could, for example, write "Wandering Droid – if found, please call...”, and with any luck your lost device will be discovered by a sympathetic person who you can then communicate your location to, and arrange to meet them and be reunited with your wayward device. This is particularly useful when you lose your phone in a trusted environment, such as your workplace or a friends’ house.
Your data security is in your hands!
However, this is not often the case. In case your device is found by someone of less honourable sentiment, then CellAgent can completely wipe its memory card and restore its settings to the factory default – that is, remove all of your personal data. Operating remotely, you can access and delete the information stored on your SIM card, lock the screen and even set a new password. Would-be thieves won’t be pleased with the turn of events, but you will be happy and at peace. At CellAgent, we believe in creating the best software for the best people.
Best Android apps!
The most useful software for mobile phones does not require further adjustments once installed – it’s easy to handle and does what is expected, so it can be used by everyone who knows how to turn on a computer. As such, we’ve made the sign-up and log-in processes on our website even easier, placed the download link for the CellAgent right here on our website, and have ensured that our software is ready to work for you the second you finish downloading.
Sometimes, establish your location is vitally need!
Finally, we’ve developed CellAgent to work as a personal tool, allowing you to extend its use beyond a simple anti-theft mechanism and even use it, for example, as a search-and-rescue system. Imagine that you are on holiday, skiing at a mountain resort, or that you and your family are walking deep into a forest. There’s no signal and you’re a bit lost, and people are starting to worry that you’ve been gone for too long. Your friends or relatives can use our system to track down your last known location, or even send an emergency request from your phone via SMS, and help to find your exact location. CellAgent can be your eye in the sky, keeping a close watch on you and your loved ones while helping the rescue team navigate towards you. Security, in the truest sense of the word, can be yours. For less than the price of an MP3 you can access a service that will protect you for a lifetime, and could even save your life. With CellAgent, your safety is in your hands.