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Only last 30 days of uploads will be stored on server starting from April 23, 2015. Please ensure you back up all the needed data in advance.

CellAgent installation (video)

1. Phone settings

Please, check your phone settings before installing CellAgent. CellAgent needs Location Services, Wi-Fi and mobile internet to be enabled. You can choose "GSM only" data mode to save some energy. CellAgent uses a minimal amount of data traffic, and "GSM only" option works perfectly. Enable these options on your phone:

Settings Location services Location services settings

Wi-Fi and more... Mobile Networks Data enabled

2. Application setup

You can download APK from the
service home page. If you install the application from APK file, remember to check "Unknown sources" option under "Security" settings:

Unknown sources Unknown sources
Before reinstalling or updating application, please uninstall old version of program from device!

3. First launch

When program is started for the first time after installation, you need to set up an account to use it. You can either use your Google account or register a separate CellAgent service account.

3.1. Google account
If you wish to use the Google account, choose the first option ("Use Google account") and tap "Next".

Use Google account

Enter your Google mail address and tap "Register".
Please, use real e-mail address, otherwise you can't access our service site!

Choose your Google account

3.2. CellAgent account
The other option is to register a CellAgent account. On the first screen, Choose "Create new CellAgent account" and tap "Next step":

Create new CellAgent account

Enter your e-mail and password (with confirmation) to register an account. Tap "Register":
Please, use real e-mail address, otherwise you can't access our tech support!

Enter CellAgent account e-mail and password to protect your data

3.3. Adding device to existing account
Adding new device to already existing account, enter account's e-mail during registration. In case of Google authorization, all steps is same as 3.1 "Google account". Using CellAgent account, choose "Use CellAgent account" in "Register" menu:

Use CellAgent account for Android application registration

After account creation, application offers to enable the device administration:

Enable the device administration to track cell phone

Enable device administration to unlock additional service functions (remote screen lock and factory reset) and improve the application protection (additional steps are required to remove the application):

Activate CellAgent administrator for full cell phone control

At this step phone registration is complete:

Phone registration is complete. Now you can track cell phone!

The last options to be configured are permissions to remotely delete your personal data on phone and/or memory card and control device via SMS:

Set up erase permissions. Protect your data!

"Remote reset to factory settings" allows to wipe all personal information from your phone - to delete contacts, schedules, installed applications, settings and return phone to the default factory settings!
"Remote erase SD card" gives the application a permission to remotely delete all files from memory card.
"SMS control" allows CellAgent to control cell phone via SMS.

4. CellAgent site authorization

Visit and authorize with the data of an account you just created.

User login. Authorize for cell phone control, protect your data, track cell phone

Warning! You should enter an e-mail address and password (text fields on the left) only if you have created a CellAgent account during the installation. If you used an existing Google account, you need to click "Login using Google" (the right button):

Authorization scheme. Authorize for cell phone control, protect your data, track cell phone