Yearly subscription - €100 with a 3-day trial. Individual server solutions are €2000 (single-time payment). More details at
Only last 30 days of uploads will be stored on server starting from April 23, 2015. Please ensure you back up all the needed data in advance.

Service usage, remote commands

CellAgent application is controlled using the service.

1. Authorization

To start working with your phone you need to
register the program with our service.

a) If you have registered a new CellAgent account using your phone, enter the same e-mail and password to login.
b) If you have registered using the Google account, click on Google authorization button.

Authorization scheme. Authorize to control cell phone, protect your data, track cell phone

Attention! If you have several Google accounts, pay attention to use the same account that was used during the application setup.

2. Interface

After successful authorization you will see the service dashboard:

Service dashboard. Here you can track cell phone, read SMS, hide application, lock phone, unlock phone, control cell phone and protect your data

"Device selection" - select a device (there can be several) that you plan to control.
    "Edit device list" - device name editor. Here you can rename a device (ex. "Helen's phone" or "Victor's tablet") or delete an unwanted device from list. To return a device into the list or to add another device, reinstall CellAgent application.
"Command panel" - a list of available commands to send to the selected device.
"Map" - device positions are shown here.
"History" - the history of issued commands.

3. Service commands

"Locate" - locate the remote device and show it's location on map.

Locate my phone on map. Where is my phone?

"Track location" - track the location of a remote device (send "Locate" requests) during the specified amount of time with the specified time interval and show the locations on map:

Track cellphone location interval

Last position of tracked cell phone

"Stop tracking" - stops the effect of the previous command. A list of detected device locations is recorded in service database. IT can be shown on the map as the "route" of a tracked device, if the requests were made regularly. To show this "route", click "Display all phone locations for a specific day" link under the map:

Display all tracked cell phone locations

Select the desired date:

Choose tracking date

...and all tracked positions will be shown on the map:

Showing phone locations. Track cell phone was never be so easy!

You can see any position from history on the map by clicking an eye icon:

Tracking cell phone and phone control history

"< v3.0" - tracking command for older versions of CellAgent (prior to v3.0). Track the location of a remote device (send "Locate" requests) with the specified time interval and show the locations on map:

Choose tracking interval

"Alarm" - sends a message to the remote device and informs about it with a sound signal. Device wakes up and displays a message popup.

Setting alarm. Enter message for your cell phone control
Message on controlled phone screen

"Text message" - same as previous command, but without sound notification.

"Phone information" - in this section you can see incoming and outgoing phone call logs as well as the SMS contents for the last 10 days:

Phone information

"Lock" - locks the device screen. To unlock it, you must enter the same code that was entered on CellAgent service site:

Locking phone for cell phone anti-theft control
Phone locked. Remote control for android anti theft!

"Unlock" - unlocks the device screen.

"Hide" - hides CellAgent icon from device application list.

"Unhide" - shows CellAgent icon in device application list. Makes it possible to open the CellAgent interface and turn off the device administrator option. After that the standard means of program removal are accessible.

"SIM change notification" - CellAgent can inform you with SMS about SIM card changes in the controlled device. This service command allows you to set up a number of a phone that will recieve SMS:

Set up SIM change notification. See SIM information against cell phone theft

"Disable SIM change notification" - turns off SIM card change SMS notification.

"Record audio" - records audio from device’s microphone. You can download recorded sound from CellAgent service page clicking on download sign download hidden audio recording in ”History” pane. Before starting, choose recording duration:

audio surveillance

"Record video" - records video from device’s camera. You can download recorded video from CellAgent service page clicking on download sign download hidden video recording in ”History” pane. Before starting, choose recording duration:

video surveillance

"Take photo" - takes photo from device’s camera. You can view and download photo from CellAgent service page clicking on download sign download hidden photo in ”History” pane.

"Photo monitoring" - periodically takes photo during specified period of time with selected interval. You can view and download photo from CellAgent service page clicking on download sign download hidden photo in ”History” pane.

Photo monitoring

"<4.5" - periodically takes photo with selected interval. You can view and download photo from CellAgent service page clicking on download sign download hidden photo in ”History” pane.

Photo monitoring

"Record calls" - turns on all incoming and outgoing calls recording on controlled phone. When call is recorded, file is uploaded to server. Use download icon hidden call recording in history pane to download file. If Internet connection absent on moment of recording, file will be sent as soon, as connection will be established.
Note: Not all phones support this feature! Please, test it during your trial period. If call recording don't work on your phone, please request test version of CellAgent from our and inform us about your testing results.
Warning! Permanent call recording may significantly raise traffic fee. 1 minute of call recording costs about 100kB.

"Stop recording calls" - stops call recording on controlled phone.

"Upload only on Wi-Fi" - when this mode is on, all multimedia files are sending via Wi-Fi Internet connection only. This mode intended for mobile traffic reduction.

"Disable "Wi-Fi only" upload" - Disables "Upload only on Wi-Fi" mode. Be careful, intensive use of CellAgent multimedia capabilities can significantlly raise your mobile traffic!

"Internet connection status" - shows type of Internet connection of device: Wi-Fi or mobile.

"Upload database status" - shows info about CellAgent local cache contents. Local cache stores all files, which await sending to server.

"Clear upload database" - deletes all files from CellAgent local cache.

"Erase SD" - erases all data from the device's memory card. Command is available only if the corresponding option in the CellAgent application is set (see the application setup guide).

"Factory reset" - erases all information from the phone memory (contacts, settings, installed programs) and resets phone to the factory defaults. Command is available only if the corresponding option in the CellAgent application is set (see the application setup guide).

4. SMS-commands for smart phone control

After application registration, enable «SMS control» option in CellAgent application settings! Remove all third-party SMS applications (GO SMS Pro, Handcent SMS, etc) to avoid possible applications conflicts.

Enable SMS smart phone control

SMS commands format and examples.

Default SMS security PIN is 1234.
PIN code can be changed in CellAgent application settings to any 4-digit code.
"Vertical bar" (pipe, | ) and all symbols following after that will be ignored in "alarm" and "lock" commands.

1) Enable/disable mobile internet (3G/GPRS) connection
mobile data (on|off)
1234 mobile data on
1234 mobile data off

2) Enable/disable Wi-Fi
wifi (on|off)
1234 wifi on
1234 wifi off

3) Hide/show CellAgent icon on device
hide | unhide
1234 hide
1234 unhide

4) Get logs about last two calls and SMS. Information about IMEI and SIM
info all
1234 info all

5) Lock/unlock device screen
(lock )|unlock
1234 lock xxxx
1234 unlock

6) Locate smart phone
1234 locate
To show smart phone location on map, use CellAgent service and enter data from received SMS.
Choose map, which is better suited for your region: Google Maps or OSM.

Choose OSM map for smart phone tracking Choose OSM map for smart phone tracking

Open necessary window and enter data from SMS.
Enter cell phone location coordinates

7) Set/remove number for SIM-card change notification.
sim sn ((set )|unset)
1234 sim sn set +79xxxxxxxxxx
1234 sim sn unset

8) Alarm
alarm text
1234 alarm Hello!

9) Call Recording
record calls (on|off)
1234 record calls on
1234 record calls off

10) Erasing all data on SD-card
sdcard erase
1234 sdcard erase

11) Resetting smart phone to factory defaults and erasing all private data from phone
factory reset
1234 factory reset
Use this only as last resort! After factory reset phone returns to default settings.
All installed custom applications, settings, contacts, logs and other private data will be deleted.
You will lost remote control over smart phone!!!

12) Record audio, duration in minutes
audio <1-40>
1234 audio 30

13) Record video from specified camera, duration in minutes
video back|front <1-40>
1234 video back 10
1234 video front 20

14) Take photo from specified camera
photo back|front
1234 photo back
1234 photo front

15) Information about internet-connection
network info
1234 network info

16) "Upload only on Wi-Fi" mode
upload wifi only on|off
1234 upload wifi only on
1234 upload wifi only off

17) Information about CellAgent cache
db info
1234 db info

18) Clear CellAgent cache
db clear
1234 db clear

5. Choosing call recorder audio source in VIP and Root versions.

  1. Disable the call recording mode in Dashboard.
  2. Choose the different recording source in the application.
  3. Enable call recording again and check it by making a call where you can distinctly hear both sides talking. If both sides aren't heard, repeat these steps.
This solves the issue of not recording both sides of a phone call in 99.99% cases. Ensure you follow the order of actions described above.

6. Choosing camera resolution in VIP and Root versions.